How to Win the Lottery

Is there really a guaranteed way of winning the lottery? People have invested huge amounts of time, money and effort into finding a fool-proof way of winning consistently. There are vast libraries of books and endless hours of audio tapes and video guides detailing different theories and strategies about the lottery.

Alas, there is no 100% guaranteed way to win. But with that said, there are certain tools and methods that you can use to improve your odds. Just how much can you really improve your odds? Well, that depends on how well you use the latest tools and strategies.

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It also depends on your goals. While getting rich on a jackpot would be nice, the serious players are focusing on improving their chances of winning the more realistic hundred or thousand dollar prizes on a more consistent basis. They do this by using the latest software tools to strategically choosing intelligent number combinations, and by pooling their resources with other serious players to get coverage on a much wider range of number combinations than regular players.

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While we all dream about hitting that big multi-million dollar jackpot, it is much more practical to go for the lower tier prizes. The odds of matching 4 numbers out of 6 are vastly better than your odds of matching 6 out of 6. Each additional matching number is less likely to occur by an order of magnitude, so it makes sense to focus on improving those odds that are already closer to being in your favor.

The soundest tactics today are using historical information to identify numeric trends in different lottery games, applying those trends to combination systems such as Lottery Wheels, and pooling your resources with others to by a larger number of tickets.

In the past, lottery players have worked together by creating small pools and using basic versions of lottery wheel type chart systems to choose better number combinations. With today’s technology, these strategies can now be scaled and taken to a whole new level!

With the latest online-based tools not only can a serious player create more better number combinations using 100% accurate historical trends, they can pool their strategic efforts on a bigger scale. This means that not only is the serious player getting to play a much larger array of number combinations, but those combinations are as mathematically ideal as possible!

Of course nobody is going to hit the jackpot every time. But for those who are serious about having a real chance of hitting the more realistic, lower tier prizes on a regular basis the tools and strategies have never been more cutting edge!

Lottery Strategies

Lottery Strategies are all about improving your odds. As you already know, the odds of winning the lottery start out as “not very good” for the smallest prizes, and become “astronomical” as you approach the jackpots and grand prizes.

In this article, we will discuss some of the more popular strategies such as using Lottery Software, pooling your lottery plays with other players, and using number systems and “lottery wheels”.


Lottery Pools

One of the simplest and most popular methods of improving your winning odds is working with others to create a lottery pool. These are most commonly done among friends and among coworkers at places of business.

The basic idea is rather than simply buying one or two lottery tickets yourself, you would pool your money with a group of people and together you would all buy a greater number of tickets all using a different variety of numbers. Naturally, playing with 20 tickets is going to give you a better chance of winning than playing with 2 tickets. The only downside is that you have to split your winnings with your group, but that’s a small price to pay to increase your chances or winning 10-fold.

If you’ve never tried pooling for the lottery, considering talking to a few of your friends or coworkers about getting a lottery pool going. It is by far the easiest way to improve your odds without spending extra money out of your own pocket.


Lottery Wheels

A Lottery Wheel is a way of covering many possible winning combinations, and organizing the numbers you choose to play to improve your chances of winning multiple-tier prizes. It is a bit more complicated but offers a mathematical advantage over using quick picks or just randomly choosing numbers.

In a nutshell you pick a handful of numbers to focus on, say 8 numbers for a Pick 6 game, and use the wheel to map out possible combination of those numbers. A complete wheel will map out every single permutation of numbers that can exist out of the selected numbers. By playing combinations from the wheel map, you are giving yourself better chances of hitting at least a minimum amount of numbers that match the draw. If you are playing a full wheel and the minimum amount of drawn numbers match numbers in your group, you will have at least one winning combination in your wheel and possibly multiple winners.

Serious lottery players use this system because it gives better chances of hitting that required minimum of matching numbers to win the lower tier prizes. It’s important to keep in mind that your odds of winning a jackpot are still going to be very, very slim. People use lottery wheels to ensure a better chance of winning smaller prizes of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, since those prizes only require a minimum amount of number matches.

There are many Books written on using lottery wheels, and more recently serious players have started using software and web applications to organize better wheels and identify numbers that hit frequently or have not hit in a long time.


Lottery Programs & Software

It should come as no surprise that the recent growth of the internet and technology has brought with it a new approach to crafting and using lottery strategies. There are many different software systems out there, and while there are plenty that are of questionable quality there are some applications out there than can make a genuine difference.

Modern lottery programs and software can provide 3 distinct advantages. The first is by being able to track lotteries all over the world in real time. With the right software, you can get up-to-date historical trends for any lottery you would want to play no matter where you live.

The second is that it is much easier compile, organize and analyze that information. This makes it a simple matter to identify numbers that hit very frequently in a given lottery, and numbers that rarely hit. Knowing the most frequent numbers that hit in your local lottery can make the number combinations that you use much more effective.

The third is the ability to compare your results with those of other people using different strategies. This is especially true of web based lottery applications that are used by a variety of people to plan and track their lottery plays. By seeing how your results stack up against others with the same information, you can make adjustments to your strategy that never would have been possible before.

Some players are even using online services to combine their latest strategies with other serious players, creating larger and more dynamic lottery pools than one could hope to achieve with just their circle of friends or the people they work with.

What to do If You Win the Lottery

So fate has smiled upon you. Your dreams have come true, your prayers have been answered – you’ve won the lottery!

Now what do you do?

A big lottery win is the start of a journey that can either lead you to a very good place or a very bad one. See our Lottery Winners & Losers write up to see what we mean. Whether your journey turns out good or bad depends largely on how well you start the journey. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you end up in a happy place.


First Things First: Get an Accountant or Financial Planner

The greatest lottery winner success stories are the product of financial planning. When you recognize that even millions of dollars won’t last forever unless used properly, you are truly on the right track to make the most of your winnings.

That’s why it is strongly recommended that you get yourself a good accountant and/or financial planner. Suddenly finding yourself wealthy can be a staggering, mind blowing thing. If you want to make the most of it, then you would do well to avail yourself to the help of people who’s life work is helping people handle large amounts of money.

The Taxes

That’s right – you’re going to have to pay taxes on your lottery win. And it’s the very first thing you want to get out of the way. Failing to take care of the taxes first can very easily turn your dream into a nightmare.

Usually a part of your winnings are held back in order to pay taxes, but it often isn’t enough. Taxes on lottery wins can be as high as 50% of your winnings, which means that you can end up owing a ton of money even with the initial withholding! It is also important to account for both Local, State and Federal taxes – although in some states such as California, your winnings might actually be tax exempt.

This is why it’s so important to get yourself a good financial planner or accountant right away. You don’t want to become another cautionary tale of the lottery winner who went bankrupt the very next year. Before you do anything else, you should make sure that you will be able to take care of those taxes!


Take Care of Necessities

If you’re like most people, you probably have some financial burdens that have been nagging away at you for years. These burdens are usually some kind of debt – medical bills, a mortgage, a car payment. Maybe even all of the above.

After getting the taxes taken care of, relieving yourself of these financial burdens is the next logical step. Paying off your debt may seem obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people go straight to living life in the fast lane without taking care of these basic problems.

Also keep in mind that a big lottery win may mean that you can help out family and even friends with their own financial burdens. This is a very good thing to do, after all it’s hard to put a price on good will towards the people that you love. Just be careful not to make yourself an “easy target” that gets taken advantage of by the people close to you.


Make Investments

With your debt burdens out of the way, the next wise move would be to make some good investments. A good investment is the best way to make sure that your money keeps working for you for the rest of your life. Not only does investing the money prevent you from over spending, it also generates extra income. That’s the primary difference between blowing your winnings, and being set for life.

This is where your financial planner comes in. There are all kinds of investments out there, and some are safer than others. A good financial planner can help you find the right mix of safe, conservative investments that will protect your money while growing it slowly, and more aggressive investments that offer bigger, faster returns (but also come with more risk).


Gradually Improve Your Lifestyle

So now you’ve gotten the taxes out of the way, paid down your debts and maybe helped some friends and family with their financial woes, and socked away some of your winnings into savings and investments. It’s finally time to start having fun!

The biggest mistake that most lottery winners make is going right to the fun. They get their big windfall, start living life in the fast lane and before they know it they’re broke again! This happens because they immediately start living as lavishly as possible, rather than gradually improving your lifestyle.

A little self discipline goes a long way. If you take the correct first steps to make sure that you have minimal tax and debt liabilities, protect a good chunk of your winnings by making investments and only then start “living it up” then you will find that your lottery winnings truly can change your life for the better, forever.

Don’t be the fool that is soon parted from their money – be smart, and make the most of your good fortunes!

Lottery Winners & Losers

Everybody dreams of what their life could become if they hit that big Lottery jackpot … But not everybody who strikes it rich ends up a winner!

While some people do end up set for life after a major lottery win, others end up seeming to be cursed by their winnings. In this article we’re going to tell you the happy stories of a couple of lottery winners, and the tragic tales of some of those less fortunate lottery winners.


Lottery Winner: Richard Lustig

No discussions of well known lottery winners would be complete without a mention of Richard Lustig. This well known Orlando resident has hit 7 lottery jackpots and grand prizes so far. Yes, you read that correctly – seven jackpot wins. Considering that the average person will never see a jackpot ticket in their life, to have one person win it seven times over is simply odds-defying and amazing.

With so many high profile wins under his belt, it’s not surprise that Richard Lustig has become somewhat of an authority on winning the lottery. He’s offered a fair bit of strategy advice to the public, and has even written a book on lottery strategies and methods. Lustig’s pearls of wisdom are discussed at greater length in our Lottery Strategies write up.


Lottery Loser: Evelyn Adams

Richard Lustig is not the only person in the world fortunate enough to have won more than one lottery jackpot, but sometimes even 2 jackpot wins isn’t enough to make for a happy tale.

Evelyn Adams won her first jackpot in 1985, and her second in 1986. So what did she do with her $5.5 million windfall? Apparently, a whole lot more gambling. A frequent visitor in Atlantic City, Evelyn Adams is a living testament to the potentially destructive nature of gambling addiction. At last report, she was living in a trailer park and has nothing left of her two jackpot wins.


Lottery Winner: Lesley Vickars

Lesley Vickars is not just any ordinary lottery player – she’s actually a book keeper. So when she won a $25 million dollar lottery prize while on vacation, she was in a better position than most to know exactly what to do with the money.

Today Lesley Vickars remains a multi-millionaire, happily and quietly living off the investments that she made with her grand prize. If only our Lottery Losers had taken a page from her book, they would be in a much better place today!


Lottery Loser: Suzanne Mullins

Suzanne Mullins is one of those lottery winners that could have greatly benefited from Lesley Vickars wisdom. When Suzanne Mullins one $1 million in the 1993 US Lottery, she opted to receive the prize in annual payments rather than a lump sum.

That did not stop her from spending all that money at once! In anticipation of the prize money that she would be receiving on a regular basis, Suzanne took out loans and began piling up debt faster than she could pay it off. Eventually, as the debts piled up, she opted to take the remaining prize money as a lump sum.

But when she received that money, she didn’t put it towards her ever mounting debt – she simply spent it as well. In the end, she was sued by the financing company which won a whopping $154 million dollar judgement against her! Unfortunately for the financers, she had already gone through the entirety of her winnings and they never collected a single cent of that judgement.


The Lottery Winner that Almost Wasn’t: Melvin Milligan

Believe it or not, Melvin Milligan nearly failed to claim a $46 million Jackpot that he had won. The winning ticket spent nearly a full year just sitting in a drawer!

As luck would have it, Melvin just happened to be watching TV one night when it was announced that New Jersey lottery officials were about to forfeit the previous year’s unclaimed jackpot. Remembering that he had some old tickets he’d never checked, Melvin dug them up and took them to his local convenience store to have them checked.

Now you would think that once you’d discovered you have a $46 million dollar ticket in your hands that is about to expire, you would waste no time rushing to the Lottery office to claim the prize immediately. But Melvin wasn’t about to let himself get into a rush over a mere $46 million – he simply dropped the ticket in the mail to be sent to Lottery officials.

The ticket arrived – 2 days after the deadline for claiming the prize had passed. Melvin’s saving grace was the post mark, which technically meant that he had submitted the winning ticket before the deadline and thus allowing him to claim the nearly forfeited grand prize.