Lottery Books

Even in the age of the internet, books remain one of the best sources of high quality information that can be attained.

That’s why we’ve composed this list of highly rated books about the lottery and the various strategies that can be used to improve your chances of winning!  Each of these books have received high-rated reviews and are considered some of the best authorities on modern day lottery strategy.

Lottery Master Guide
Our first recommendation is Lottery Master Guide by Gail Howard. This is one of THE best guides to identifying trends and developing strategies around them!

Reader Review
“For those who like to see trends in their lottery games, this book will teach you how to get there. There are enough tools in this guide to help anyone make number selections through analysis of historical data.”
-H. Schwarzmann


How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery
Our next pick is Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery by 7-timer lottery jackpot winner Richard Lustig!

Reader Review
“After playing the lottery seven days a week for the past few years, and barely seeing any winnings at all, I was set to give up. But, then I followed his system, and I won $250,000 the first week by utilizing his scratch-off advice. Thanks Richard!”
-R. Taylor


Lotto Wheel Five to Win
Another great guide by Gail Howard, this book specifically focuses on strategies for Pick 5 games.

Reader Review
“Myself and 6 other co-workers had utilized a 22 number Gail Howard Wheel to win a NJ Cash 5 Jackpot of $99,350 on 1/31/95. While everyone hopes to win a large mega game jackpot, it is much easier to win a Cash 5 Jackpot. Gail Howard has taken great pains to write in a lucid style which is easy to understand by all.”
-G. Galanowsky


Win Any Lottery
Written by Connie Willis, this book offers strategies for a wide variety of games including Power Ball, Mega Millions, Fantasy 5, Big 4, Pic 3 & The Daily Numbers.

Reader Review
“I’m a skeptic, so I first tried it without investment. That means I made my picks, and watched the results without buying tickets. At the end of a month, I was ahead! Since then, I’ve made conservative bets, and again, I stay ahead. The big jackpot? Hopefully it’s in my future. But in the meantime, my $10 investment in the book has paid back.”
-T. Thomas