Lottery Strategies

Lottery Strategies are all about improving your odds. As you already know, the odds of winning the lottery start out as “not very good” for the smallest prizes, and become “astronomical” as you approach the jackpots and grand prizes.

In this article, we will discuss some of the more popular strategies such as using Lottery Software, pooling your lottery plays with other players, and using number systems and “lottery wheels”.


Lottery Pools

One of the simplest and most popular methods of improving your winning odds is working with others to create a lottery pool. These are most commonly done among friends and among coworkers at places of business.

The basic idea is rather than simply buying one or two lottery tickets yourself, you would pool your money with a group of people and together you would all buy a greater number of tickets all using a different variety of numbers. Naturally, playing with 20 tickets is going to give you a better chance of winning than playing with 2 tickets. The only downside is that you have to split your winnings with your group, but that’s a small price to pay to increase your chances or winning 10-fold.

If you’ve never tried pooling for the lottery, considering talking to a few of your friends or coworkers about getting a lottery pool going. It is by far the easiest way to improve your odds without spending extra money out of your own pocket.


Lottery Wheels

A Lottery Wheel is a way of covering many possible winning combinations, and organizing the numbers you choose to play to improve your chances of winning multiple-tier prizes. It is a bit more complicated but offers a mathematical advantage over using quick picks or just randomly choosing numbers.

In a nutshell you pick a handful of numbers to focus on, say 8 numbers for a Pick 6 game, and use the wheel to map out possible combination of those numbers. A complete wheel will map out every single permutation of numbers that can exist out of the selected numbers. By playing combinations from the wheel map, you are giving yourself better chances of hitting at least a minimum amount of numbers that match the draw. If you are playing a full wheel and the minimum amount of drawn numbers match numbers in your group, you will have at least one winning combination in your wheel and possibly multiple winners.

Serious lottery players use this system because it gives better chances of hitting that required minimum of matching numbers to win the lower tier prizes. It’s important to keep in mind that your odds of winning a jackpot are still going to be very, very slim. People use lottery wheels to ensure a better chance of winning smaller prizes of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, since those prizes only require a minimum amount of number matches.

There are many Books written on using lottery wheels, and more recently serious players have started using software and web applications to organize better wheels and identify numbers that hit frequently or have not hit in a long time.


Lottery Programs & Software

It should come as no surprise that the recent growth of the internet and technology has brought with it a new approach to crafting and using lottery strategies. There are many different software systems out there, and while there are plenty that are of questionable quality there are some applications out there than can make a genuine difference.

Modern lottery programs and software can provide 3 distinct advantages. The first is by being able to track lotteries all over the world in real time. With the right software, you can get up-to-date historical trends for any lottery you would want to play no matter where you live.

The second is that it is much easier compile, organize and analyze that information. This makes it a simple matter to identify numbers that hit very frequently in a given lottery, and numbers that rarely hit. Knowing the most frequent numbers that hit in your local lottery can make the number combinations that you use much more effective.

The third is the ability to compare your results with those of other people using different strategies. This is especially true of web based lottery applications that are used by a variety of people to plan and track their lottery plays. By seeing how your results stack up against others with the same information, you can make adjustments to your strategy that never would have been possible before.

Some players are even using online services to combine their latest strategies with other serious players, creating larger and more dynamic lottery pools than one could hope to achieve with just their circle of friends or the people they work with.